Bathroom Remodels

As our homes age, bathrooms tend to be neglected and fall behind the rest of the home in remaining up to date, functional, and beautiful. The options are nearly limitless to provide a sense of elegance and style: custom showers and vanities, oversized whirlpool tubs, specialty sinks and tiles, wood of every grain, counter tops from marble to man-made, lighting to create the perfect mood, fixtures to match your house or make a new statement, and superior storage with an efficient use of space.

Transform your small bathroom by utilizing the illusion of space, air, and light. With a freestanding vanity, smart lighting, and strategic mirror placement, you can take a bathroom that once felt cramped and give it a spacious sense. At 3W Homes, it is our mission to help you remodel your bathroom to create the space and feeling you want, catering to your specific needs and style.

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