Important Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Building Your New Home


Important Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Building Your New Home

We pride ourselves on our affordable home prices that are perfect for everyone, especially first time home buyers, young families, and retirees.  Pricing varies based on square footage, features and home type. The home site and site improvements also affect the total package price. View Homes/Hots For Sale or visit our contact page or give us a call 817-279-3020 to ask us about pricing and see what homes are available within your budget.

3W Homes offers priority financing through our preferred lender, Guild Mortgage, including the lowest interest rate loan available with no-money-down options for VA and USDA loans. Visit our contact page or give us a call 817-279-3020 to get information from national and regional lenders that can help you decide which lender best fits your needs, or you can choose to use another lender that you may already have a relationship with. 

We have a variety of lots that you can choose from to build your new home or  for we can help you work with local real estate agents to find land for your new home.

At 3W Homes we deliver homes that are Healthier, More Sustainable & More Efficient! While everything seems to be going “Green” today, we strive to deliver the best options and features on the market that will have a positive impact on your life and a return on your wallet. Our homes are loaded with energy saving features designed to give you Year-Round Comfort and a Lifetime of Savings. Some of the features included are low-e windows, energy efficient water heaters and programmable thermostats – just to name a few. 

Click Floorplans at the top of the page to see floor plans, pictures and home information about the models we offer.

Many of our homes can be altered and upgraded to create your ideal dream home. Some homes have more customizable and upgradable options than others, but with countless floor plans available, we are sure we can help you find the perfect floor plan to fit your budget and lifestyle. Let us know which floor plan you’re interested in, and we’ll let you know what is customizable.

When building with 3W Homes we complete homes efficiently and in a timely manner after your home order is placed, but there are other factors that could affect how long it takes to get to move-in day. Typically, our homes are completed within 6-12 months but the timeline can be affected by the type of house you are buying as larger homes will take longer to build than smaller homes, the volume of home orders the building facility has received, home inspections, land preparation and more. Visit our Contact page or give us a call 817-279-3020 and we would love to give you more information on how long it will take to get into your new home after your home order is placed and will keep you updated on what stage your home is at throughout your buying journey.

Every home purchase is unique, so the amount of down payment required by a lender to finance a home purchase will vary based on several different factors, learn more about down payments. The lender you choose to finance your home purchase with will be able to give you specific details about your down payment amount.

Yes we do. While remodeling is different from new homes, we strive to take the same care and detail with our remodeling projects as a new home. Whether building new or remodeling hire a professional to get the results you desire. Visit our Services Page to learn more.

Our company slogan says it all, “Built by Family for Families.” Personalization, Attention to Detail and Relationships are the main reasons. While all companies have policies & standards in place to be successful – we will jointly work together and customize where others wouldn’t entertain this encumbrance. Each home we build will always be a part of us at 3W Homes; our homeowners, their house and the process all means so much to us even years later – even after you’ve spent multiple Christmas in your home with your family.

Absolutely! There are THREE things that are imperative:  1). Being able to Communicate with one another.  2). Trusting your Builder as the professional;  3). Having Realistic Expectations of what all is involved in building a new home.  “Communication” is the lifeline to this whole process, if this doesn’t work out – not much will; remember people communicate differently, find out what works best for you & your project.  “Trusting” your builder; they are typically the expert and if they’re unsure about something, they’ll contact a person to get an answer – this is the same as your clients trusting you at work, if a question arises you get it resolved. Everybody wants to perform well for their clients – if trust is broken on either end it’s hard to repair.   “Realistic Expectations” most builders take great pride in your home, their work and strive diligently to achieve this – but what they are doing maybe different from what you thought or expected, though this happens it can be worked out fairly easily – but each party has to see it from both sides.  It seems as if we spoke about Relationships & not so much about homebuilding. In my opinion that’s where it all will starts as well as ends.  Both parties (homeowner & builder) have to be able to work jointly together to achieve a common goal.  IF that doesn’t happen – your plans, price of home or others will pale in comparison to a broken relationship.