Where to Store the Toilet Paper in Your Bathroom

See the many stylish and convenient options for storing extra rolls

Storing extra rolls of toilet paper is one of those tricky little things — you need them close at hand for those times when an inconsiderate household member leaves just one measly square, but you don’t have much room to store them. Design-savvy people want to find a better solution than stacking a few extras atop the toilet tank. Here’s how clever designers from around the world have found ways to keep extra rolls within reach while turning them into a design asset.

1. Baskets in Plain Sight

The right basket can make that giant package of rolls from Costco look downright charming. Just be sure to place it in an area where it won’t be splashed — soggy t.p. rolls are the worst.

Keeping extra rolls in plain view is especially good in a bathroom that guests use — it keeps them from having to dig through cabinets and linen closets.

2. Sleek and Hidden

Small wall-mounted cabinets can be just the right size toilet paper rolls. A basket with a tighter weave, or a box or bin, is a better solution for those who wish to keep the rolls more concealed.

3. Freestanding

Some toilet paper racks are equipped to hold several rolls and don’t require screwing the typical holder into a tiled wall. In a narrow bathroom, a simple rack that tucks next to the toilet can save the day.

4. Creative Rods

This long dowel affixed to the wall with leather cuffs holds extra rolls in this Russian bathroom. Paired with a matching towel bar, it also serves as a design accent that adds texture to the Scandinavian modern room.

5. Pyramid Stack

For minimalists, skip the baskets and bins and create a neat pyramid stack in an open cabinet cubby.

6. Architectural Solutions

This clever recessed niche next to the loo in Stockholm guarantees that the homeowners will know when they are running low on toilet paper.

7. Toilet Paper as Art

For those who truly want to celebrate the glory of the humble toilet paper roll, here’s some out-of-the-box inspiration. German designer Volker Schulz came up with this clever tree idea. The branches of the sculpture hold extra rolls of toilet paper, transforming them into Dr. Seussian foliage.

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